Should You Call For A Tow In The Snow?

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Should You Call For A Tow In The Snow?

16 September 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Calling in a tow truck can sometimes feel like admitting defeat. Once you place that call, you know your vehicle won't be making it home under its own power. While it's understandable to feel this way, the reality is that towing is often the safest, most cost-effective way to get your car out of a challenging situation.

Getting stuck in snowy conditions can be especially frustrating and potentially dangerous. Knowing when to call for a tow can help you to get home safely on even the snowiest nights. Below, you will find three questions that you should ask anytime you find yourself stuck in the snow.

1. Are You In an Unsafe Location?

Your first and foremost consideration should always be to determine if your car is currently in a safe location. If you have lost traction in the middle of the road and cannot move your vehicle to the side, then you should call for a tow immediately. You should also contact the non-emergency police number to inform them of your situation and let them know that you've already requested towing assistance.

When stuck in this situation, always remain inside of your car. Crossing the road, especially in slippery conditions, can be incredibly dangerous. Ensure that your car's headlights and hazard lights are both on to warn other drivers of your predicament.

2. Can You Reach a Safe Area to Park?

If your car isn't currently stuck, but conditions are deteriorating, then you should attempt to reach a safe parking lot or another area away from traffic. As long as your vehicle has traction and can move under its own power, then you can try to reach your destination on your own. Or, if you're feeling unsure, once you've reached a safe area, call for a tow.

3. Is Your Vehicle Disabled?

Finally, never hesitate to call for a tow any time your vehicle is disabled. If you've skidded off the road, become stuck in a snowdrift, or otherwise cannot move, you should contact a towing company immediately. As long as you are safe and unhurt, then you should also contact the non-emergency police number.

Never leave your vehicle running in these situations. Even if your car seems undamaged, snow can block or clog your exhaust and potentially allow dangerous fumes to enter the car's cabin. Let the towing operator know if your vehicle is a hazardous location or if you do not have a blanket or another way to keep warm as you wait for your tow.

Getting stuck in the snow can be frustrating and frightening, but carefully evaluating your situation and knowing when to call for help will ensure that you stay safe and get home as soon as possible.

For additional tips, reach out to a local towing company.