A Bra For Your Car? What This Really Is & Its Benefits

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A Bra For Your Car? What This Really Is & Its Benefits

25 June 2019
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Having never heard of a "car bra," you are probably envisioning a gag gift of a giant brassiere that you can place over the hood of your vehicle. While that may be amusing (and an actual gag gift), that is not what a car bra really is. In fact, it is quite a different sort of product, and one which you might actually want on your vehicle if your vehicle is newer, more expensive, or a collector's vintage/classic/antique vehicle. Here is more on this product, how to get it, and what its benefits are. 

What a Car Bra Really Is

It is a sealing product that is applied during a manual car washing and detailing process. The entire vehicle is first cleaned, and then a thin plastic film cut to fit every panel on your vehicle from the hood to the trunk is laid over each panel and smoothed out so that there are no air bubbles. The film adheres to every area to which it is applied. 

How to Get It

You have to go to a specialty car wash business that can apply the car bra film. It is not something that is applied in an automatic car wash, nor is it something that is automatically applied in any detailing shop. There are only specific manual car washes and detailing businesses that provide this service, and the bra film needs to be applied manually. To apply the bra film to your entire vehicle generally takes a few hours because the car has to be cleaned and prepped first, and each section of bra film has to be cut special at the time of service and not in advance. 

The Benefits of a Car Bra Application

A car bra film protects the paint job on your vehicle for a very long time. You can feel more confident about taking a valuable or priceless vehicle out for a drive because no amount of bad weather will affect the vehicle so long as it has a bra applied. The bra film also makes it a lot easier to keep your vehicle clean, since most substances, including mud and bird feces, will quickly wash off. Scratching your car with keys and other sharp objects is not very troubling either since the sharp objects will scratch up the bra and barely touch the paint job underneath. The damaged bra film panel can be removed and replaced at any time, thereby removing any signs of damage.

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